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Office of Mental Health

The Patient Characteristics Survey (PCS)

What is the PCS?

The PCS is a biennial survey of public mental health service providers that collects demographic, social, clinical, and insurance characteristics about the clients who are served during a one-week period in the survey year.

Why is the PCS so important?

The PCS is the only Office of Mental Health data source that collects this type of client-level information from all public mental health service programs. Due to an exceptional level of cooperation and participation from service providers, the PCS is a reliable and invaluable resource for helping to manage New York State's public mental health system, complying with federal reporting requirements, assisting local governments with the mental health services planning process, and informing the distribution of funding.

Survey Resources

  Preparing for the Survey

  The Data Entry Web Application

  PCS Reference Materials

Other Resources

Questions about the information on this page or issues with document accessibility can be directed to the PCS Team in the Surveillance and Surveys Unit.