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Office of Mental Health

Office of Planning

About the Office of Planning

The Office of Planning handles the development of Statewide Comprehensive Plan reports. These reports are also known as the “5.07 Plan” (in reference to Section 5.07 of the New York State mental hygiene law), and include demographic, service, and financial information about the public mental health system.

The 5.07 Plan also reviews top OMH policy and planning efforts for current and future years. In addition, it provides a review of local service plans submitted by governmental units across New York State.

To keep these planning documents as current as possible, the Office of Planning has developed a phased approach to updating the Statewide Comprehensive Plan. We will be adding new sections and updating data on a regular basis.

Current Planning Documents

Profile of New York State’s Public Mental Health System - September 2023*

Local Services Plans and Statewide Town Hall Analysis – August 2023*

Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program Annual Summary – March 2024*

Behavioral Health Managed Care – September 2023*

Mental Health Equity - September 2022*

Forensic Mental Health Services - September 2022*

Suicide Prevention - September 2022*

Coordinated Behavioral Health Crisis Response System - October 2022*

Housing and the Public Mental Health System - October 2022*

OMH Statistics and Reports

Previous Planning Documents

Profile of New York State’s Public Mental Health System - September 2022*

2021 Local Services Plan and Statewide Town Hall Analysis- September 2022*


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