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Office of Mental Health

Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS)

Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) is a comprehensive model that integrates rehabilitation, treatment, and support services for people with serious mental illness. .

Sample goals for individuals using PROS:

  • Live independently
  • build natural supports
  • find and keep a job
  • reach higher levels of education
  • secure preferred housing
  • Improve medication management

There are four Components in the PROS program:

  • Community Rehabilitation and Support (CRS)
  • Intensive Rehabilitation (IR)
  • Ongoing Rehabilitation and Support (ORS)
  • Clinical Treatment, an optional component of a PROS program.

The CRS component includes services designed to engage and assist individuals in managing their illness and restoring those skills and supports necessary for living successfully in the community.

Some services within the CRS component include

  • Wellness Self-Management
  • Basic Living Skills
  • Community Living Exploration
  • Benefits & Financial Management

The IR component is intended to assist individuals in attaining specific life roles, reduce risk of hospitalization or relapse, loss of housing or involvement with the criminal justice system, and help individuals manage their symptoms.

Examples of IR services include

  • Intensive Relapse Prevention
  • Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment
  • Family Psycho-education

The ORS component provides supports to assist individuals in managing their symptoms in the competitive workplace.

PROS can provide Clinical Treatment services designed to help stabilize, improve and control disabling symptoms. Clinical Treatment will provide a recovery focused, disability management approach all integrated with PROS rehabilitative service to provide comprehensive care. PROS participants have the choice to receive their Clinical Treatment through PROS.

There are two PROS licensing options:

  • Comprehensive PROS which contains all the components including Clinical Treatment,
  • Comprehensive PROS which contains all the components except Clinical Treatment.

The Office of Mental Health (OMH) worked together with counties, mental health service providers, and consumer groups to design the PROS mental health program. The PROS license gives counties and providers the ability to integrate multiple programs into a comprehensive rehabilitation service.

To find PROS programs go to Find a Mental Health Program in Your Community, under Program Category/Subcategory outpatients, select Personalized Recovery Oriented Services.

Announcements/Items of Interest

  • PROS Overview Webinar
    The recorded PROS webinar is very brief (appox. 32 minutes in duration) and provides a basic overview of the PROS model as well as a description of the PROS Unit which is used for billing. This recording can be used to train new program staff, agency leadership and can also be shared with Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) in an effort to help explain the PROS components, services and billing.
  • PROS Providers IR Letter
  • Letter Regarding PROS and DOH Waiver Programs Released
    Provides current information regarding PROS and DOH Waivers (Traumatic Brain Injury, Long Term Home Health Care Program, and the Nursing Home Transition & Diversion Medicaid Waiver) which is effective 1/27/11.

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