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Office of Mental Health

PROS Standards of Care and Survey Protocol

Following many months of development, field testing and collaboration with multiple stakeholders, the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) is pleased to release the finalized Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) Standards of Care (SOC) and additional documents supporting a revised survey protocol.

The PROS Standards of Care Anchor Elements identify essential aspects of quality services and agency administration which would demonstrate the delivery of effective and appropriate PROS services.  The survey process will emphasize an evaluation of the effectiveness of a program in assisting participants to achieve and maintain valued life roles including employment. Reviewers will seek evidence that Individual Recovery Plans and related services reflect the needs and preferences of individual recipients, attend to co-occurring needs, respond to the individuals changing life circumstances, and utilize community supports.

The survey process will include a tracer methodology which will examine the episode of service of four individuals through the case record, interviews with individuals in service and collaterals, group observation and staff interviews. Four closed records will also be reviewed. Additional input will be obtained from the results of the Program Assessment by Participant survey.

The length of the PROS operating certificate will be based on assessment of each anchor element meeting the exemplary or core standard using the multiple information sources noted, and recognition and incentives will be provided to promote the achievement of exemplary practices by all PROS programs. Programs are urged to complete the Agency Self Assessment and submit an effective quality improvement plan prior to the certification visit. This process would contribute to an exemplary rating in the recovery related data and performance improvement focus area.

The effective date for implementation of the standards and the survey process is September 1, 2013.  We invite your ongoing feedback at PROS_Licensing_Feedback

Bureau of Inspection and Certification
July, 2013

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