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Office of Mental Health

OMH Newsletter

OMH News is published for people served by, working, involved or interested in New York State's mental health programs.


Fall 2022 - Suicide Prevention

The lead story for the Fall 2022 edition of OMH News discusses the agency’s work to increase public awareness about suicide prevention and available mental health resources.


Summer 2022 - Helping communities cope after mass violence

The lead story for the Summer 2022 edition of OMH News discusses the response by OMH and New York State to the trauma caused by the recent mass shootings in Buffalo and elsewhere in the nation.


Spring 2022 - Mental Health Month

OMH and its partners are working to increase awareness of mental health issues. This edition of OMH News discusses some of the projects and the innovative programs the state continues to put into place to help those whose lives are affected by mental illness.


First Edition – What is 988

Learn more about the upcoming launch of 988 and how you can help get the word out.


Winter 2022 - Expanding Outreach

Our lead story for this edition discusses the many initiatives Governor Hochul has announced for this year to meet the mental health care needs of New Yorkers.