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Office of Mental Health

School-Based Mental Health Clinics

School-based mental health clinics provide direct and timely access to mental health treatment and support for students and their families.

When mental health professionals operate in a place familiar to students, they become a visible part of this community. Working with school staff helps to reduce the stigma associated with seeking this care.

This partnership can improve academic performance for students who tap this support, helping them focus on their studies. Clinics help improve attendance, increase family engagement, and foster an environment free of discrimination and harassment –a key goal of New York State’s Dignity for All Students Access Act.

Once established, satellite clinics sustain themselves through Medicaid and other insurance reimbursements. They do not need any funding from the school or host district.



Letter to School Administrators
Provides a basic overview of the partnership opportunities offered by school-based clinics.

School-based clinic: FAQ
Frequently asked questions about school-based clinics.

Mental Health Resources
Learn more about other OMH programs and initiatives to support mental health in schools.


Partnerships Between Schools and Community Mental Health Treatment Providers
Children and Family Treatment and Support Services are new behavioral health services covered by New York State Medicaid. Learn more about starting a school-based clinic along with other helpful tips to support quality of care and program compliance.

Expanding School-Based Mental Health Clinics: Start-up Funding Memo
Memo outlining funding opportunity for newly licensed school-based clinics.


Information for Children, Teens and Families
OMH offers a range of services to help identify the emotional health needs of children and to provide treatment or support.


OMH Children’s Clinic
Contact a Children’s Clinic team member.

OMH Regional Field Offices
Find your county’s local field office.

OMH Find-a-Program
Search this directory of all OMH-licensed programs across the state, by county.