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We focus on helping individuals choose, obtain, and remain in community settings
that allow them to live as independently as possible.

Our Residential Services division provides living opportunities in a variety of community locations. We provide environments that support recovery and enhance quality of life. Residents gain new skills, exercise individual choice, and learn to use community resources. This all leads to feelings of success and growth.

Our staff is experienced in the principles and practices of Psychiatric Rehabilitation. Their focus is to support and encourage individuals within our residential programs. Together, they develop a tailored service plan that promotes resident independence, choice, and outcomes.



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residential service for more

The following services are tailored to meet the individual needs of each resident:

Residential Programs

Residential Brochure

-Admissions Planning
-Assertiveness/Self Advocacy
-Community integration/Resource development
-Daily Living Skills (housekeeping skills, selection/meal   preparation, budgeting/money management, dressing,   cleaning and washing clothes, maintenance of   environment
-Case management and Transportation
-Behavioral and Crisis Intervention
-Socialization -Medication Management
-Symptoms Management
-Discharge Planning
-Substance Abuse Services

Depending on goals, functional capabilities and needs, we link residents to community agencies providing medical, dental, mental health, social, and rehabilitative programs and services.

BPC's Residential Programs include:

Olmsted Community Residence

24 beds located at 3 Rees Street on southwest corner of main campus, (716) 884-3445.

Grant Street Residence

14-bed residence, located at 656 Grant Street, Buffalo, at Letchworth Avenue, (716) 883-9334.

Strozzi Community Residence
Outpatient residence for inpatients with long lengths of stay who would benefit from additional experience in the community while remaining in a familiar environment; located in the Strozzi Building on the main campus; 27 beds, (716) 816-2959.

Family Care Program
Family Care allows people recovering from a mental illness to live in private homes under the ongoing supervision of BPC's staff. Individuals receive the kind of support, guidance and companionship that naturally occurs in families and communities. Family Care providers are persons certified to deliver residential care in their own homes. These providers receive training, support from BPC case managers, and financial reimbursement.
Call (716) 816-2204 to learn more.