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Office of Mental Health

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Creedmoor Psychiatric Center
Inpatient Services

Inpatient Services are located in a twenty story, renovated building, and offer a variety of treatment options. Inpatient treatment at Creedmoor is reserved for individuals with illnesses that have become so severe that they are unable to function in the community. The focus of treatment is rapid recovery with symptom reduction, access to programs which develop skills to manage psychiatric illness, and active discharge planning and support for consumers returning to community living. Treatment is provided by multi–disciplinary teams of professional and para–professional staff.

In addition to on–ward treatment, Creedmoor offers a variety of off–ward locations for treatment,  recreation and programming offering a variety of treatment and rehabilitation programs such as community living skills, computer skills, adult education, self help opportunities, competitive employment skills. There is a consumer run café called Big Nosh, a beauty shop and exercise room. A program building provides space for art therapy, music therapy, education, psychosocial club, community living skills, fitness center, gym, game and recreation rooms, and an auditorium for special events.

Admission Criteria

Creedmoor provides psychiatric treatment for Queens county residents, 18 years of age and older who have severe psychiatric illnesses requiring intermediate and long–term care. Monolingual Korean speaking patients from the five boroughs of New York City and monolingual Chinese individuals from Queens and Bronx counties are also eligible for admission. Patients are referred from acute care psychiatric units at general hospitals.

Specialty Services for Inpatients

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