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Office of Mental Health

Division of Forensic Services
Diversion Center

The Diversion Center supports jurisdictions in the development, implementation, evaluation and replication of initiatives to reduce the arrest and incarceration of persons with serious mental illness (SMI).

The Diversion Center works with other Division of Forensic Services diversion initiatives, including the Mental Health/Criminal Justice Collaboration Unit’s CIT efforts.

The Diversion Center provides:

  • assessment of local resources, policies, procedures and services aimed at the diversion of persons with SMI from criminal justice involvement and into appropriate mental health services;
  • identification of pathways leading persons with SMI into or away from criminal justice involvement to reduce the arrest and incarceration of persons with SMI;
  • research, training and technical assistance to support the implementation of evidence-based practices; and
  • resources to jurisdictions on data driven, evidence-informed and evidence-based programs that redirect persons with SMI into community mental health treatment and other supportive services.

For questions or requests for technical assistance please email the Diversion Center or contact us by phone at (518) 549-5000.