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Office of Mental Health

Fiscal/Billing Resources

MHOTRS Reimbursement Rates

CPT Procedure Weight and Rate Schedule (REVISED  5/8/24)
This schedule gives the base weight, peer group base rates, an updated list of APG/CPT services, definitions, and weights. It includes payment amounts for the CPT coded services based on current peer group rates and procedure weights.

CPT Revenue Calculator
Illustrated Blank (REVISED  5/8/24)
This tool enables users to calculate the projected revenue for CPT procedures based on current service weights and peer group base rates.

Sample Form UB-04 – MCTAC Billing Tool

MHOTRS Rates Codes

Part 599 Medicaid Billing and Fiscal Guidance Mental Health Outpatient Treatment and Rehabilitative Services

599 Summary for Billing Guidance Document

Billing Guidance for Tobacco Use Disorder in MHOTRS Settings

Guidance Memo on Opioid Use Disorder Billing

Developmental and Psychological Billing Guidance

Billing Behavioral Health (BH) Medicaid Services Under Managed Care

2016 APG Updates/Policy Changes

School-Based Satellite Rate Enhancement FAQ

Claim Submission - Attending and Referring Line 
Guidance on acceptable billing practices with respect to the Attending and Referring fields of a claim.


Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the Bureau of Financial Planning or the Division of Managed Care.