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Integrated Services

On January 1, 2015, New York witnessed the culmination of a 4-year effort to further the integration of physical and behavioral health services in clinic settings across state.  The new authorization establishes the licensure category “Integrated Outpatient Services” and appears identically within regulation for OMH-licensed providers (14 NYCRR Part 598), OASAS-licensed providers (14 NYCRR Part 825), and DOH-licensed providers (10 NYCRR Part 404).

Over the past 4 years, OMH, OASAS, and DOH have uniquely partnered in the development, implementation and oversight of the “Integrated Licensure Project”.  This collaboration resulted in the development of clinical and physical plant standards, staffing requirements, and a single application and review process – all with the goal to reduce the administrative burden on providers and to improve the quality of care provided to consumers with multiple needs by improving the overall coordination and accessibility of care. 

Participating facilities in the Project have been overseen by a single State (“host”) agency, which monitors for compliance with standards at the single site.  Therefore, though an agency may have multiple licenses, they are only subject to one survey.   Further, the Project has promoted the use of an “integrated” physical and behavioral health record for recipients.  

The now-established Integrated Outpatient Services regulations further the core principles of the Project:  (1) allowing a provider to deliver the desired range of cross-agency clinic services at a single site under a single license;  (2) requires the provider to possess licenses within their network from at least 2 of the 3 participating State agencies;  (3) allows the site’s current license to serve as the “host”; and (4) facilitates the expansion of “add-on” services through request to the State agency currently possessing primary oversight responsibility for such services.

New York State is excited about the opportunities Integrated Outpatient Services will bring for care coordination to individuals receiving services in our clinics, as well as the expansion of mental health services to DOH and OASAS clinics.

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Part 598 – formerly Subpart 599-1 - Integrated Outpatient Services

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