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Office of Mental Health

Part 599 Clinic Program

This site is for Adult and Children licensed Article 31 Clinics. It is intended to be a reference guide for all stakeholders looking for information on clinics.

If you have questions regarding clinic information, please reach out to the Adult Clinic or Children’s Clinic email.


  • Part 599 Regulations have been updated and are effective as of 11/23/22.
  • MHOTRS IOP Guidance - (Updated January 2023.) Reflects new program language: "Mental Health Outpatient Treatment and Rehabilitative Services (MHOTRS)" and includes new process for obtaining approval to provide IOP via Administrative Action.
  • Part 599 Guidance Document has been Updated (July, 2021) - Removed any reference to 99201 to reflect that effective 1/1/21, the AMA discontinued the use of 99201. Updates are to align the treatment planning guidance with the regulations effective 8/18/2021.
  • Standards of Care Anchor Element for Clinic (May 25th, 2021) - OMH has issued the Clinic Standards of Care Anchor Element document to align with the changes to Part 599.10 of Clinic Regulations.