Office of Mental Health




Treatment and discharge planning begin immediately upon admission.

Patients have personal rights, property rights, and civil rights that are fully protected.

We are committed to providing a respectful and safe environment for everyone

We provide intermediate level of care—6 months or less.








Inpatient Services




Buffalo Psychiatric Center provides inpatient services 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the Strozzi Building on the main Buffalo Psychiatric Center campus. We have a bed capacity of 155 and serve patients on six units.

    We provide care, treatment, rehabilitation, and support to restore and improve functioning. Our goal is to reduce symptoms and offer patients a setting to learn or re-learn skills that will help them leave the hospital and reclaim their lives in the community.

     Recovery is real and possible. Inpatients are encouraged and supported in making choices about their future. We work together with every patient to help them achieve their personal goals and establish a lifestyle that is satisfying.

     Buffalo Psychiatric Center is proud to be fully accredited by The Joint Commission.

  Contact Information:
Inpatient Admissions: (716) 816-2172

Employment Information

400 Forest Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14213
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Who will benefit:
Individuals aged 18 and over experiencing mental health problems and have a primary psychiatric diagnosis who are in need of intermediate inpatient hospitalization.



We have a well-trained, diverse and dedicated staff that includes:

  • psychiatrists
  • medical physicians
  • nurses
  • psychologists
  • social workers
  • rehabilitation staff
  • direct care and support workers



In addition to our inpatient units, the Strozzi Building houses Active Treatment Centers where patients receive specialty services including:

  • education
  • art and music therapy
  • fitness programs

The Strozzi Building also has a large multi-purpose room for center wide recreational activities, dining facilities on each floor and an adjacent courtyard for exercise and outdoor events. The main campus also has a Wellness Center and a peer-run Center for Self Discovery.



Our role in the mental health system is to provide intermediate, treatment and rehabilitation. Most admissions come to Buffalo Psychiatric Center as referrals from the general hospitals in our service area of Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties.

There are no direct admissions except for individuals who have been discharged from Buffalo Psychiatric Center and who may need rehospitalization for a short time.

Inpatient Services Handbook:
Inpatient Services Handbook

peer services:

A peer advocate is a person who has received mental health services, has been successful in recovery, and is available to assist patients in obtaining information and/or resolving issues and concerns.


Tobacco Free Environment:

As a healthcare facility, we actively promote healthy lifestyle choices for those we serve. There is no smoking or use of tobacco permitted inside any BPC-operated building or on the grounds of the main campus. We strongly discourage smoking because of its serious health risks. Our physicians offer nicotine replacement to assist patients in overcoming this addiction, and wellness support groups are available.