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Office of Mental Health

2016 Newsletters

OMH News is published for people served by, working, involved or interested in New York State's mental health programs.


December 2016 - Innovation in Mental Health Care

This edition discusses some of the innovative work being done in New York State to improve the lives of New Yorkers with mental illness.


November – Careers in Mental Health

This edition of OMH News discusses some of the many career opportunities that are available with OMH. Careers in mental health are rewarding, as they enable employees to meaningfully transform the lives of the people they serve.


October – Integrated Care

This edition of OMH News will discuss how the New York State Office of Mental Health is moving toward a fully integrated health care system, transforming the services we provide for those we serve.


September – Suicide Prevention Month

Preventing suicide is essential to every program and activity operated or funded by OMH. This month, OMH is launching a comprehensive plan to advance suicide prevention – and ultimately save lives.


August – The Role of the Arts in Mental Health Therapy

The arts have long played a valuable role in mental health therapy in New York State. Artistic creativity is flourishing in our facilities and programs – and it’s helping people recover.


July – Minority Mental Health

People in minority communities are often less likely to get help they need for a mental illness. OMH is working to eliminate the barriers to quality care in diverse communities.


June – Meeting the Mental Health Needs of LGBTQ New Yorkers

Support from families, peers, mental health providers, and communities can help address the stigma associated with mental illness and the prejudice over sexual orientation and gender identity.


May - 2016-17 OMH Budget

An annual budget is always about more than numbers. It’s an essential tool for meeting OMH’s mission to promote the mental health of all New Yorkers.


April - Quality Assurance & Improvement

Everyone plays a role in ensuring the quality of care our clients need. OMH has been developing innovative resources and practices to support efficiency, appropriate care, and acceptable outcomes.


March – Honoring New York’s Social Workers

Social workers – the foundation of our mental health system – share their stories. The latest news on OMH pro¬grams that help them carry out their valuable work.


February – Stigma: Overcoming the Barriers to Care and Recovery

Stigma remains a barrier to proper mental health care. OMH is developing and supporting programs that allow people recovering from mental illness to live full and productive lives.