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Office of Mental Health

OMH Newsletter

OMH News is published for people served by, working, involved or interested in New York State's mental health programs.


November 2018: Peer Support Specialists

This edition discusses the growing Peer Support Specialist movement and covers some of the innovative ways that peers are helping clients throughout New York State.


October 2018: Recovery from Trauma

This edition discusses trauma-informed practice and describes OMH initiatives to address the needs of children and adults who have suffered from trauma.


May 2018: Collaboration! Caring for New Yorkers… Together

This edition of OMH News will discuss some of the collaborations OMH is developing to expand the reach of the state’s system of public mental health care, support mental health professionals, educate families, and provide clients with the resources and opportunities they need to recover.


Winter 2018: Starfish and Keys

This edition of OMH News includes stories from recipients of OMH’s Key and Starfish awards. These awards are intended to celebrate the achievement of clients who are moving forward in their lives.