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Office of Mental Health

OMH Newsletter

OMH News is published for people served by, working, involved or interested in New York State's mental health programs.


November / December 2017: Caregiving

This edition of OMH News is dedicated to the unsung heroes who play a vital role in mental health care – the family and professional caregivers who work 24 hours a day, seven days a week for their loved ones and clients.


October 2017: Lean Six Sigma

This edition discusses the Lean Six Sigma concept and introduces you to the various projects that are under way — some of which may be in your own workplace.


September 2017: Local Government Units

This edition of OMH News looks at Local Governmental Units, their relationship to the Office of Mental Health, and some of the innovative programs they are involved in.


June 2017: Strategic Planning

This edition of OMH News will show how the processes of planning works to help the agency carry out its mission of providing mental health care services to the people of New York state


May 2017 - Psychiatric Nursing

This edition of OMH News is dedicated to the psychiatric nurses of OMH, sharing some of their stories and providing the latest news on OMH programs that help them perform the incredible work they do.


March 2017 - Addiction

This edition of OMH News will examine some of the issues related to addiction and mental illness and the ways providers are treating individuals who experience both.


February 2017 - OMH Transformation Plan

This edition discusses Reinvestment funding and its role in the OMH Transformation Plan, looking at how community programs funded through Reinvestment are changing people’s lives.


January 2017 - Mobile Integration Teams

In this edition of OMH News, we’ll introduce you to the members of some of our mobile teams and they’ll share stories about some of their successes.