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Office of Mental Health

Contact the Bureau of Cultural Competence

The Bureau of Cultural Competence integrates cultural competence through the following functions:

  • Lead trainings on the importance of infusing cultural and linguistic competence throughout agency policies and clinical practices.
  • Ensure cultural competence is implemented within program policies.
  • Provide technical assistance to OMH facilities as well as agencies licensed by OMH.
  • Facilitate quarterly meetings between OMH and the Multicultural Advisory Committee.

Mailing Address

New York State Office of Mental Health
Bureau of Cultural Competence
44 Holland Avenue
Albany, New York 12229

Main phone number: (518) 473-4548

Contact the Bureau of Cultural Competence
Matthew Canuteson, MA, Office of Diversity and Inclusion Officer - Director, Bureau of Cultural Competence
Matthew Bitten, LMHC, Advocacy Specialist 2
Sara Riggins, LMSW Advocacy Specialist 2
Shannon Cornwall Equal Opportunity Specialist 1
Darlene Ebron, Bureau Secretary


The LISTSERV allows you to connect with the Behavioral Health community. Use this forum to learn about healthcare disparities and building culturally competent services.

Questions related to the provision of language access services should be directed to OMH’s Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Matthew Canuteson.