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Office of Mental Health

Multicultural Advisory Committee

The Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) advises the Office of Mental Health on policies and activities that can reduce disparities in quality, access and treatment outcomes for members of marginalized populations.

These populations include but are not limited to:
  • people of color
  • members of the LBGTQ community
  • older adults
  • rural New Yorkers
  • Veterans
  • immigrants
  • people with disabilities (including physical)
  • people who have limited English proficiency

Current MAC Membership

MAC Chair:Suzanne Stoute
MAC Co-Chair:Antoine B. Craigwell

MAC Members:
  • Richard Byamugisha
  • Seongeun Chun
  • Antoine B. Craigwell
  • Lisa Furst
  • Aleisha L. Garvin
  • Jennifer Hernandez
  • Pete Hill
  • Pascale Jean-Noel
  • Oscar Jimenez-Solomon
  • Emma Nalin
  • Tina Yun Lee
  • Haileigh Nelson
  • Lenora Reid-Rose
  • Melissa Ramirez

Questions related to OMH’s diversity and inclusion efforts should be directed to OMH’s Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Matthew Canuteson.