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Office of Mental Health

Office of Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Organizational Change

National CLAS StandardsLeaving OMH site
Health care standards set by the US Office of Minority Health in response to the nation’s increasingly diverse communities.

Anti-Racist Resources

The Mental Health Effects of Racism Español | 繁體字 | 简体中文 | বাঙালি | Kreyòl ayisyen | 한국어 | Русскийy | יידיש
Highlighting the impact that racism has on individuals.

Black-led Self-Care Resources for Mental HealthLeaving OMH site
Anti-Racism resources organized by Harvard University.

Diversity-Equity-Inclusion/Anti-Racism ResourcesLeaving OMH site
Complied by members of the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Serving Black New Yorkers

OMH Spotlight Series: African Americans
Highlighting the unique issues facing African Americans.

Working with African American/Black PatientsLeaving OMH site
Best practices for serving this population from the American Psychiatric Association.

African Americans Are More Likely to Be Misdiagnosed with SchizophreniaLeaving OMH site
This study from Rutgers suggests a bias in misdiagnosing blacks with major depression and schizophrenia.

Serving Indigenous Communities

OMH Spotlight Series: Indigenous Communities
Highlighting the unique issues facing Indigenous Communities.

Tribal AffairsLeaving OMH site
Resources and information for tribal communities.

Native and Indigenous Communities and Mental HealthLeaving OMH site
Fact sheet created by Mental Health America.

Serving Asian Americans

OMH Spotlight Series: Asian Americans
Highlighting the unique issues facing Asian Americans.

Improving Access to Mental Health Services in Asian American CommunitiesLeaving OMH site
Details four steps lawmakers can take to ensure members of the Asian American community can get the care they need.

Serving Hispanic and Latinx New Yorkers

OMH Spotlight Series: Hispanic and Latinx
Highlighting the unique issues facing Hispanic and Latinx individuals.

Working with Hispanic and Latinx Patients
Best practices for working with this population from the American Psychiatric Association.

Serving the LGBTQ Community

OMH Spotlight Series: Gender
Highlights the unique issues surrounding gender.

Tips for Parents of LGBTQIA+ Youth
5 ways to help parents whose child has just shared they are LGBTQIA+

OMH Spotlight Series: LGBTQ People of Color
Highlights the unique issues facing LGBTQ People of Color.

OMH Spotlight Series: LGBTQIA+ Youth
Highlighting the unique issues facing LGBTQIA+ Youth.

Creating a Safe LGBTQIA+ Workplace
15 ways you can create a safe and inclusive workplace.

The Trevor ProjectLeaving OMH site
Unique Resources for LGBTQ Youth and access to information on preventing suicide.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Health & Human Services NetworkLeaving OMH site
A coalition of organizations that provide care to LGBT New Yorkers and their families.

Serving Older Adults

OMH Spotlight Series: Older New Yorkers
Highlighting the unique issues facing older New Yorkers.

NYS Office for the AgingLeaving OMH site
Advocacy and Programs for Older New Yorkers.

Elder Care Locator: Behavioral HealthLeaving OMH site
Resources to help educate older adults and their family about behavioral health issues.

The Geriatric Mental Health AllianceLeaving OMH site
Strong advocacy and education coalition that is advancing policy and practice reform to meet the mental health challenges of the elder boom.

Serving Rural New Yorkers

OMH Spotlight Series: Rural New Yorkers
Highlighting the unique issues facing Rural New Yorkers

Farm Stress ManagementLeaving OMH site
A resource guide from NY FarmNet.

Rural Health Network of South Central New YorkLeaving OMH site
Eliminating barriers between rural residents and the health care they need.


OMH Spotlight Series: Veterans
Highlighting the unique issues facing Veterans.

Cultural Competency for Serving the Military and VeteransLeaving OMH site
Military service members, their families, and veterans have unique needs that require a culturally competent approach to services and treatment.

Information for Military Personnel & Their Families
A variety of resources curated by OMH for service members, their families, and veterans during deployment, reintegration, and post–deployment periods.

Serving New York’s New Americans

OMH Spotlight Series: Immigrant & Refugee Mental Health
Highlights the unique issues facing immigrants and refugees.

Tips for Mental Health Providers Assisting Afghanistan Refugees |درى | العربية | پښتو | ردو
Best practice approaches and helpful resources for providers serving Afghan Refugees

Helpful Resources for Afghan Refugees |درى | العربية | پښتو | ردو
A number of resources for Afghan refugees and their families

New York Immigration CoalitionLeaving OMH site
NYIC is an advocacy organization that represents over 200 immigrant and refugee rights groups throughout New York.

NYS Office for New AmericansLeaving OMH site
Helps New Americans fully participate in New York State civic and economic life.

Refugee Health Technical Assistance CenterLeaving OMH site
Assisting refugees by providing tools, resources, and support for health and mental health providers to better meet the needs of refugees in resettlement.

Serving Jewish Americans

OMH Spotlight Series: Jewish Americans יידיש
Highlights the unique issues facing Jewish Americans.

American Psychiatric Association: Treating Jewish Americans in a Changing Political and Social EnvironmentLeaving OMH site
Provides best practice approaches for behavioral health providers when working with Jewish Americans.

Questions related to OMH’s diversity and inclusion efforts should be directed to OMH’s Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Matthew Canuteson.