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Office of Mental Health




The Office of Mental Health (OMH) sets standards for the quality of facilities and programs providing treatment, rehabilitation, and services in support of mental health resilience and recovery. These standards determine if a provider can be licensed.

Service providers must have an operating certificate (license) from OMH before the operation of facilities and programs that are subject to regulatory jurisdiction.

Learn more about the regulatory responsibilities of licensed service providers.

What Programs Must be Licensed?

See Licensed Program Type Definitions for detailed descriptions of what programs must have an operating certificate (license) from OMH.

OMH also authorizes some residential and non-residential programs which do not require licensure.

Issuing and Renewing Operating Certificates (Licensing)

The Bureau of Inspection and Certification (BIC) is responsible for issuing and renewing operating certificates. OMH Field Office staff conducts Licensing Surveys (inspections) under the direction of BIC.


An unannounced inspection occurs before the renewal of the operating certificate. If programs are found to be in substantial compliance with standards, the operating certificate is renewed. Operating certificates identify:

  • provider of services
  • type of program
  • location of the program
  • effective and renewal dates of the license

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the Bureau of Inspection and Certification (BIC).