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MyCHOIS: Client Login

My Collaborative Health Outcomes Information System (MyCHOIS) is an interactive, web-based platform of evidence-based tools used to promote active participation by consumers in their mental health treatment and recovery. We provide patients with access to their personal health record, assessments to help themselves and their clinicians understand and track treatment preferences, progress, and outcomes, as well as a library of resources and recovery tools to support continued health education. MyCHOIS has three major components: My Treatment Data, which allows Medicaid consumers to view their treatment history; The Learning Center, which provides educational materials and recovery tools; and Assessments and Screenings, which allows consumers to complete different evidence-based tools and screenings that have been assigned to them by their prescriber or treatment team. The program aims to increase empowerment, activation and health literacy amongst patients, improve doctor-patient communication, promote patient-centered care and recovery, and enhance the ability to make data-driven treatment decisions.

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