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Office of Mental Health

Login Instructions

  • Self-Service Console

    The Self-Service Console is a way to manage your RSA token and PIN, which are used for logging into secure OMH applications such as PSYCKES. Use the console to:

  • Token Instructions

    As of April 2022, mobile tokens are the default soft token sent to new users or to existing users who need a replacement token.

    • If you were assigned a mobile token, view the Mobile Token Instructions document to learn how to install the RSA SecurID App on a mobile device and import your unique token into the RSA SecurID App.
    • If you were assigned a desktop soft token prior to April 2022, you can view the Desktop Token Instructions document to locate your desktop token email, install the RSA software on your computer, and import your unique token into the RSA software.

  • Login Instructions
    For first time and subsequent login instructions as well as for troubleshooting steps for “authentication error” messages, please reference the Login Instructions document.

  • Login Help
    For token and login support contact one of the following ITS helpdesks, depending on whether you are an external partner (non-OMH employee) or an OMH employee:

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the PSYCKES Team.