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Who is in PSYCKES? | What Data is in PSYCKES | Three PSYCKES Applications | Requesting Access to PSYCKES

What is PSYCKES?

  • PSYCKES stands for the Psychiatric Services and Clinical Knowledge Enhancement System
  • Web-based platform developed by the NYS Office of Mental Health (OMH) for sharing:
    • Medicaid billing claims and encounter data
    • Other state health administrative data
    • Data and documents entered by providers and patients
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant
  • Supports:
    • Quality improvement: quality measures, quality flags
    • Clinical decision-making and care coordination: individual client information

Who is in PSYCKES?

  • Over 11 million NYS Medicaid enrollees (current or past)
    • Fee for service
    • Managed care enrollees, all product lines
    • Dual-eligible (Medicare/Medicaid)
  • Behavioral Health Population (any history of):
    • Psychiatric or substance use service,
    • Psychiatric or substance use diagnosis, OR
    • Psychotropic medication
  • Individuals who received services from a state operated psychiatric center

What data is in PSYCKES?

  • NYS Medicaid billing database: For consumers who receive behavioral health services or psychotropic medication paid for by Medicaid, provides health records, such as a history of illnesses or injuries, outpatient services, hospital services, medications, dental and vision appointments, and labs or x-rays performed.
  • NYS State Operated Psychiatric Center (PC) health information database: For consumers who received services from a state operated psychiatric center, provides the service type, provider (name of state PC), admission date, discharge date/last date billed, and most recent primary diagnosis for the state PC visit(s).
  • Department of Health Home and Care Management database: For consumers enrolled in Health Homes and Care Management programs, provides provider name, start date, end date, and main contact name and phone number of the Health Home and Care Management programs.
  • OMH Child and Adult Integrated Reporting System (CAIRS) database: For consumers who are part of an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team, or a housing program that has OMH oversight, provides the provider name, start date, end date, and main contact name and phone number for that program.
  • OMH Tracking for AOT Cases and Treatment (TACT) database: For consumers on an Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) order, provides the AOT provider name, enrollment date, and main contact name and phone number.
  • New York State Incident Management and Reporting System (NIMRS) database: OMH providers use NIMRS to report critical incidents in real-time. For consumers who have had a suicide attempt, PSYCKES will display the incident date, name of the provider and program reporting the incident, and the severity/harm resulting from the attempt, based on information from NIMRS.
  • PSYCKES My Collaborative Health Outcome Information System (MyCHOIS) database: Data entered into PSYCKES by providers and consumers (e.g., screenings and assessments, safety plans, Psychiatric Advanced Directives).
  • New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene database: For consumers currently or previously enrolled in Intensive Mobile Treatment, the enrollment date, discharge date, team name, and team contact information will be displayed. For consumers with an open Assisted Outpatient Treatment referral currently under investigation, the start date of the investigation, the office reviewing the referral, and the office contact information will be displayed.
  • New York City Department of Homeless Services (NYC DHS) CARES database: For individuals currently or previously receiving shelter services through DHS, the shelter name, program type, placement date, exit date, exit reason, and shelter director contact information will be displayed.
  • New York City Correctional Health Services (CHS) database: For individuals discharged/released from NYC Correctional Health Services (CHS) who received jail-based care, provider name, jail admission date, jail discharge date, released to, placed in jail mental health residential treatment (if applicable), behavioral health diagnoses, medications at time of discharge, scheduled follow-up, or referral.

Three PSYCKES Applications

  • PSYCKES iOS Mobile Application for iPhones & iPads

Requesting Access to PSYCKES

OMH grants PSYCKES access at the organizational level, and then access for individual users is managed internally by the organization. A Security Manager uses the OMH Security Management System to grant PSYCKES access to staff.

The Protocol for PSYCKES Access document provides instructions for obtaining access to PSYCKES at the organizational level. Organizations eligible for access to PSYCKES must complete the following:

  1. PSYCKES Access Online Contact Form
  2. PSYCKES Confidentiality Agreement

To find out whether an organization already has access to PSYCKES, or to find out if an organization is eligible for access, please contact the PSYCKES team.

Comments or questions about the information on this page can be directed to the PSYCKES Team.