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Office of Mental Health

Quality Indicators

What is a Quality Indicator/flag?

  • PSYCKES identifies clients flagged for quality concern in order to inform the treating provider, network, or care manager and to support clinical review, care coordination, and quality improvement
  • User-friendly Statewide Reports and My QI Reports, updated monthly, display quality indicator prevalence rates at the statewide, region, county, network, provider, program, managed care plan, and PPS level
  • Over 80 quality indicators, such as:
    • No diabetes monitoring for individuals with diabetes and schizophrenia
    • Low medication adherence for individuals with schizophrenia
    • Antidepressant trial of < 12 weeks for individuals with depression
    • High Utilization of Inpatient/Emergency Room, Hospital Readmission, Preventable Hospitalization
    • HARP Enrolled-Not Health Home Enrolled, HARP Enrolled-Not Assessed for HCBS
  • The BH QARR - DOH Performance Tracking Measures Indicator Set is a unique indicator set in PSYCKES because it is calculated by the NYS Department of Health (DOH) on “mature” Medicaid data and sent to OMH to display in the PSYCKES application. DOH calculates the QARR Performance Tracking Measures set after a 6-month billing data maturation period to allow for services to be invoiced. The measures are based on a 12-month period of services.

Technical Specifications Documents

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