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Office of Mental Health

Adult Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services Application for Provider Designation

Thank you for your interest in becoming a New York State Adult Behavioral Health Home and Community Based Services (BH HCBS) provider. BH HCBS were developed collaboratively by New York State’s Office of Mental Health (OMH), Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), and the Department of Health (DOH) as a part of the State’s Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) for individuals with serious mental health and substance use disorders.

An agency that has successfully completed the application and designation process will be given a BH HCBS provider designation status.   This provider designation status identifies that your agency has attested to provide BH HCBS within the agency’s scope of practice and consistent with the criteria articulated in the BH HCBS manual. Your agency will only be designated to provide the BH HCBS that are included within your application and approved by the state.

Application Process

The initial deadlines for applications were December 2014 for New York City and September 2015 for Rest of State. The State is not currently accepting new applications to provide Adult BH HCBS. The application portal will reopen for new providers in Fall 2018. If you have any questions regarding designation for Adult BH HCBS, or if you would like to be added to the HCBS listserv to receive periodic updates, please email the OMH Bureau of Rehabilitation Services & Care Coordination

New Applicants

The BH HCBS application is completed online through the OMH portal, which requires an OMH user ID and passcode to access. The process for acquiring a user ID and passcode will vary depending on your agency license. Please refer to How to Access the BH HCBS Online Application for instructions on gaining access to the application.

Previous Applicants

If your agency would like to apply for new services or resubmit for denied services, please contact the Bureau of Program and Policy Development to have your existing application unlocked.

Tips to expedite the application and designation process

  • Please review the BH HCBS Manual and BH HCBS Application Guide prior to completing the application
  • Ensure that all components of the online application are completed with fidelity prior to submission
  • Provide accurate contact information for agency representative that will respond expeditiously
  • Provide a generic agency phone number that connects reviewers to alternative contact if initial contact is unavailable for follow-up questions
  • Resubmit additional information requested during follow-ups expeditiously
  • Maintain contact with BH HCBS program management team to ensure all follow-up information reflects a completed application

Tips for Navigating the Application

  • The application best works with the following browsers:
  • Use the arrows provided rather than browser’s "back option"
  • Be sure to fill out all parts of the application so it is not flagged as incomplete, prolonging the designation process
  • There is a save option on the portal, to allow re-entry for later completion
  • The format allows you to answer the brief statements in a separate word document and copy and paste it to the application if needed
  • For further assistance, please email the OMH Help Desk.