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Office of Mental Health

Value Based Payment Readiness for Behavioral Health Providers

The New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) and the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS) are pleased to jointly announce awards for the NYS Behavioral Health Value Based Payment (BH VBP) Readiness Program. The BH VBP readiness program is anticipated to be a $60 million three-year program.

The funds have been awarded to selected networks of behavioral healthcare providers, called Behavioral Health Care Collaboratives (BHCCs). The BHCCs will use the awards to help prepare behavioral health providers to engage in Value Based Payment arrangements, a financial incentive framework that rewards healthcare providers for improved quality, outcomes, and costs. A main goal is to improve the integration of physical and behavioral health.

Nineteen BHCCs will receive awards. The selected BHCCs will use the funds to enhance quality care through clinical and financial integration and the use of community- based recovery support services. Funds will also allow the BHCC to collect, analyze, and respond to service data to improve behavioral and physical health outcomes.

Please contact VBP Readiness with questions or to provide feedback on the program.

BHCC Lead, Network, and Affiliate Agencies

Application: NYS BH VBP Readiness Program (CLOSED)

  • BH VBP BHCC PDF Fillable Application Form
  • BHCC Member Submission Excel Template
  • Lead Agency Attestation
  • Network – Affiliate Attestations for each BHCC Network and Affiliate partner
  • NYS VBP Readiness Program Documents

    Applicants Webinar PowerPoint

    Eligible Lead Agencies

    Notification of Interest Form

    BHCC Member Submission Template

    NYS Counties by RPC Region - List | Map

    Draft Policy Paper

    Clarification on BHCC Submission Template and Snapshot Calculation